Easy, effective relief for mild hayfever eyes and allergy eyes.

Step 1
Use a dropper

Wash hands before use.

Always use a new dropper.

Open the foil sachet and detach a plastic dropper. Return remaining droppers to the foil sachet.

Do not use the dropper if damaged.

Step 2
Detach from dropper

Twist the flat part with the ball tip to detach it from (and open) the dropper.

To prevent microbial contamination, do not allow the tip of the open dropper to come into contact with any surface.

Step 3
Squeeze into eye

Hold the dropper between your index finger and thumb, with the tip pointing down over your open eye or contact lens.

Squeeze the dropper and allow 1 or 2 drops to fall into each eye. Don’t let the dropper touch your eyes.

Blink the eye to spread the drops and then dab away the excess fluid rinsed from the eye.

Dispose of the empty or part-empty dropper after use – do not try to re-use it.

Who can use Eyelergy?

Eyelergy eye drops are for use by adults, the elderly and children from 6 years of age, and are suitable for contact lens wearers.

Contact lens wearers

Because Eyelergy eye drops are specially designed to be preservative-free they are suitable for use when wearing contact lenses.

Eyelergy eye drops are compatible with all types of contact lenses and can be used either before or after lenses have been inserted.

Pregnancy and breast-feeding

This product can be used during pregnancy and by breast-feeding mothers. The ingredients have been in widespread use in similar preparations for many years, without reports of problems. However, safety trials have not been conducted.


Eyelergy eye drops can be used by children from 6 years of age. An adult should either administer (or supervise the administration of) the eye drops in all children.

To avoid the risk of choking, keep droppers out of the reach of children under 4 years old.

More advice

How often should I use the drops?

Between applications, normal blinking will prolong the effect of the drops by re-spreading them over the eye and maintaining the protective barrier.

The duration and frequency of treatment will depend on individual circumstances and prevailing environmental conditions (dust or pollen etc.). Re-apply as often as required.

Long-term use

Although Eyelergy eye drops can be used for long periods, this should be discussed with your doctor or pharmacist to confirm the diagnosis.

If the signs/symptoms get worse or do not improve, you should consult a doctor or pharmacist.

Possible side effects

Your vision may become temporarily blurred initially after administering the drops. If this is troublesome, try using fewer drops and/or use them less often and do not drive or operate machinery until normal vision is restored.

Side effects can occur when using the eye drops, although not everybody gets them. Rarely, mild and temporary irritation can occur.

If this becomes unacceptable, or if you experience any other side effect, stop using the drops and tell your doctor or pharmacist.

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