What is Eyelergy?

Eyelergy eye drops are sterile, preservative-free and designed to work fast, for effective relief of itchy, inflamed and irritated eyes caused by dust or pollen (e.g. mild hayfever).

The drops are also recommended to relieve dry eyes caused, for example, by wearing contact lenses.

What Eyelergy eye drops contain

The ingredients are: carbomer, sorbitol, sodium hydroxide, water.

Preservative-free so they are suitable for use when wearing contact lenses.

Sterile and presented in convenient pre-filled, single-use plastic droppers.

How Eyelergy’s liquid gel works...

Reduces discomfort

Reduces discomfort

Dilutes and rinses out irritants and allergens already in the eye, helping to reduce discomfort.

Protects the eye

To help protect the eye

Creates a physical barrier to protect the eye from dust, pollen and other allergens.

Relieves dryness

Relieves dryness

Forms a transparent lubricating and hydrating film on the surface of the eye to relieve dryness.

Using Eyelergy

Easy to use, convenient and hygienic.

Eyelergy pack shot

Eyelergy is available online.